Course curriculum

  • 2

    1.0 Cyber Security and the changing landscape

    • 1.1 Module Introduction

    • 1.2 Understanding the Stress Response

    • 1.3 Changing Landscapes- A Cyber Security Perspective

    • 1.4 Changing landscape- A Mental Health Perspective

    • 1.5 Practical Tips for Leaders

    • 1.6 Module 1 Quiz

  • 3

    2.0 Tactics used by scammers

    • 2.1 Module Introduction

    • 2.2 Tactics used by Scammers- A Cyber Security Perspective

    • 2.3 Practical Tips for Leaders

    • 2.4 Module 2 Quiz

  • 4

    3.0 Online Safety and Security and the legal implications

    • 3.1 Module Introduction

    • 3.2 Online Safety and Security and the Legal Impact- A Cyber Security Perspective

    • 3.3 Online Safety and Security and the Legal Implications- A Mental Health Perspective

    • 3.4 Practical Tips for Leaders

    • 3.5 Module 3 Quiz

  • 5

    4.0 Cyber Security and Culture

    • 4.1 Module Introduction

    • 4.2 Cyber Security and Culture

    • 4.3 Case Study- The impact of culture on cyber security threat and mental health

    • 4.4 Practical Tips for Leaders

    • 4.5 Module 4 Quiz

  • 6

    5.0 Professional Conduct Online

    • 5.1 Module Introduction

    • 5.2 Professional Conduct- A Cyber Security Perspective

    • 5.3 Professional Conduct- A Mental Health Perspective

    • 5.4 Practical Tips for Leaders

    • 5.5 Module 5 Quiz

  • 7

    6.0 Course Resources

    • 6.1 Cyber Security and Well-Being Questionnaire

    • 6.2 Spotting Symptoms of Stress in Your Staff Questionnaire

    • 6.3 Essentials of a Cyber Security Policy

    • 6.4 How to Set Two Factor Authentication

    • 6.5 How to Use Multi-Factor Authentication

  • 8

    Course Evaluation

    • Course Evaluation



Roxanne Kerr

Roxanne is an experienced and qualified clinical certified trauma specialist with a master’s degree in counselling from Abertay University and a certificate in Trauma from Trauma Institute International. Over the last 6 years, she has successfully worked with trauma survivors including extensive work with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and individuals with mental health illnesses such as bipolar and schizophrenia. As well as being university educated, she has extensive training in the trauma field which was delivered by reputable trauma specialists in the USA and the UK. She is also trained in Crisis Management and is member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapy and Critical Incident Stress Foundation.


Scott Tees

Scott is an accomplished Online Safety and Cyber Security and Prevention Consultant who responsible for the creation and development of the Police Scotland Cybercrime Prevention Strategy and was the national lead for the Police Scotland Cybercrime Harm Prevention Team until June 2020. Scott advised on a number of Scottish Government strategy Groups and was a member of the Education and Skills Group. He has advised on various groups on a number of cyber related strategies and approaches and has worked with several key partners including Europol; National Cyber Security Centre; National Crime Agency and public, private and third sector partners. In 2018, Under Scott’s leadership, the Police Scotland Cybercrime Prevention Team was recognised at the Scottish Cyber Awards where they were awarded the prize for the Outstanding Cyber Team.